Our new web site is live!

And this is my first blog post on the new site.

The old web site, which hadn’t changed much for seven or eight years was in desperate need of a total overhaul. It was a prime example of the cobbler’s children having no shoes or the painter and decorator who never paints his own house, we have been so busy working on client projects that we never had the time to work on our own. This is a common occurrence in a lot of small businesses, and I wonder how many of you reading this are guilty of the same.

However, we finally got there, or at the least made a good start. As we often tell our customers, a web site must be regularly reviewed, along with any other marketing activity, for effectiveness, and it is our intent to make the time to build on and continually improve and update this site, particularly this blog section, where I hope to share my expertise in the Web and Marketing fields.

Not all of our pages are ready to go live yet, there is still some tweaking to do, but these pages will go live in the next couple of days.

If you need a web site, get serious.